Almost all images on this page are Scalable Vector Graphics. To view them at a larger size, simply zoom in.

Me, Ilzolende Kiefer. Alison Morais Ozy Frantz DistinctiveHatAnon

There’s also a color version of the first portrait.

lowest-level iteration high-level iteration

Attempting to make a video-game character somewhat inspired by me, as inspired by [,,,,] @orbispelagium Smith.

The first image here is an enemy character that ends the first and/or tutorial level. When attacked, the golden triangles separate and act as a defensive swarm. It can manufacture another triangle if ignored. When it reaches 1 HP, it becomes immune to attacks and disappears in a cloud of ink, which is treated as a victory condition.

The second image is a more powerful version of the same character. It repeatedly manufactures defensive triangles. When unshielded, it generates a cloud of ink and reappears in another location with all non-equipment portions at low opacity. It may stab the player characters with the magenta dagger or hurl exploding beads at them as necessary. The dagger and a number of exploding beads are included as loot, and the astute player will complain that the amount of beads in the loot are unrelated to the number expended in the fight. On extreme mode, the character mimics cuttlefish attacks with its chromatophores (as seen in this animation) and can very temporarily paralyze the player character. (An early version of this was replaced due to concerns raised regarding epileptic players. The new pattern displayed moves much more slowly.) The coral is scenery.

tall modern building along a river

Fun with perspective abuse, I guess. This building might look antagonist-y, but it’s probably too close to the water for that sort of thing.

flag with weird shield thing
helmed highly angular greenish elf-like figure
4-color squarish tiling pattern 3-color diamond-ish tiling pattern 5-color isometric-ish tiling pattern

Tiling patterns based on Indian Phulkari embroidery. Note that they’re almost certainly in the public domain due to geometric simplicity and unoriginality and so on, so copy away!

  1. From the Patiala region of India. Derived from cloth shown in the file Patiala Phulkari, a photo taken by Indu Singh.
  2. Copied from the pillows at Lost City.
  3. Copied from the stole on the Palak’s Creations Pinterest.
some concentric circles and diagonal lines with small colorful circles at points, inside a square
L10a140 L10a140 L10a140 L10a140

Decorated bitmap versions of the L10a140 link.

branches branches branches

Silhouettes of tree branches, generated from spring photos.

flag with Sylvicola wing veins

Flag inspired by a request from alexander @nihilsupernum. CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed due to being derived from Sylvicola wing veins by Giancarlo Dessì.

a hexagonal tiling pattern

A tiling non-equilateral hexagon pattern. Obviously, I have no credible claim of copyright over this whatsoever, due to extreme simplicity. Copy all you like.