On Websites

If you want to have a website for the sake of “having a website”, you will probably not create a good website. It usually makes more sense to make some things (which will now be called “content”) that you want to put on the internet, and then build a website around this content.

This is both easier and harder than it sounds. People who already have writing that they just want to put online may be happy to know that it’s easier than it sounds. At least in my opinion, the only things that you need to do with your set of 3 short stories or what have you before they constitute a good website are these:

This is more complicated if your content is images, or something, but it still shouldn’t be that hard. My website has many unnecessary features you need not mimic, such as:

and more.

An example of website that does not have (much) more formatting than I consider necessary can be found here.